Monday, April 22, 2013


This last Saturday the weather wasn't really very warm, but I needed to get out and do something outside!
My usual Saturday routine includes housecleaning, laundry and errands. I put them off long enough to plant a few plants in a pot and hose off the deck a bit.
I was at Macey's on Friday and noticed the new plants
 by the front door. 
There is a place in Carlsbad, California that grows every color of Ranunculus.
It's called The Flower Fields and it is beautiful!
I knew I wouldn't have time to do any yard work this weekend and the weather wasn't going to be cooperative either, but I bought three plants anyway. I would plant them in a pot.
Which I did. It made me happy. 

My beautiful Ranunculus.  :)

When I came inside, wet, dirt under my fingernails, I felt such joy at having been outside and planting something.  I then realized that I was wearing my hoodie that a friend from high school had made.  Seriously?
Why haven't I been back to Southern California?!
I really miss the green and the color! 
Utah winters can definitely be depressing.
Thanks Dave! Wearing my hoodie makes me happy!

Part of my California obsession grows in a corner of our kitchen.  A Bougainvillea that I bought 20 years ago. It's in full bloom right now and this morning, with the morning sun shining through the window it looked amazing!  It also helped to have our flowering apple/pear tree blooming on the other side of the glass.
A little bit of Spring inside!  :)

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