Saturday, February 2, 2013

After Six Weeks...

So, when I first learned about Cellulitis I was told it would be a six week ordeal. Wouldn't ya know it, that's about what it was too.  What the heck!  Then I heard from several people I know, who have had this, that it can come back, more than once!  Seriously?!
 This has been the most horrible thing I've ever had to deal with!

But, now that it's over, I want to thank all of you that have called, visited, sent me sweet words of encouragement and prayed for my recovery.  I have such an appreciation for good health!  I also feel I have a better understanding for those who have been sent to bed for weeks, months, or longer because of illness or pregnancy (I am so sorry!). 

Boredom is just a little of the pain one deals with.  Feeling frustrated that you can't do any of the things you normally do is a huge issue!  Then of course there is the actual physical pain and discomfort that is woven into the situation.  Not a fun time.

Earlier I posted pictures of my leg at various stages.  Yeah, I have some more.  I ended with week #3.  So, let's do a speedy look through weeks 4 through 6.

Dr. says this is looking great!
The dead skin is sluffing off
 and all of the red I can see is new skin.

Dead skin is gone, new skin is growing!

Almost looking normal!

Scabby, but looking (and feeling) so much better!

Finally, after taking 6 weeks off from work, the doctor felt I could resume my normal life. I started back to school where I was welcomed by a classroom full of 5 year olds wanting to give me hugs and tell me that they had missed me.  Almost heaven.  I told them that if any of them were swinging their cute little legs under the table and kicked my sore leg, they'd see me curl up in a ball on the floor and cry.  Then I'd never come back.  They've done amazingly well controlling their legs!

The doctor told me that the infection seemed to have started in a vein that had stopped pumping the blood back to the heart.  Poor circulation.  He told me to get the veins stripped on this leg.  I had my left leg stripped two years ago, but didn't get around to doing the right leg because I wasn't sure that it had made a difference.  Dang it.  Guess I'll be getting that done soon.  Doc told me I should because there's a good chance I'd get cellulitis again if I don't.

Well, I'm back to almost normal now.  I wear a compression stocking, to my knee, because I couldn't stand wearing the thigh high one. I'm planning to schedule the vein surgery soon.  Money seems to be the thing keeping me from it right now.  It's always money!   Everything costs too much!  :)  Oh well, retirement has never really been an option for us anyway.  But, I've basically resumed all activity as before.  I went back to the temple yesterday (first time since October) and felt so happy just to be there!

My new scar.
Kinda big, but boy does it feel better now!

Thank you again,
to all of you for your concern and prayers and for keeping me in the loop of life!  

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  1. What a long process this has been for you! So glad you're mostly back to normal.