Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cellulitis (or Zombie Leg)

Well, I thought I had a flu bug or something, and now I wish I had. From chills and aches and pains on Thursday night. To thinking I had a blood clot on Saturday morning. Only to be told it wasn't a blood clot, after an ultrasound of my leg, but an infection. I was given a shot and started oral antibiotics. 

Saturday October 20, 2012

By Sunday, it was worse. My "rash" was bigger and the lymph node in my upper thigh was red and sore. So, yep, another dr visit on Monday and diagnosis Cellulitis. Double up on antibiotics and sent home with my leg wrapped up and told to keep it elevated above my heart. Seriously?!

Sunday October 21, 2012


 How I get to spend the next few weeks.

When I went back to the dr on Wednesday, the dr was really pleased with how my leg was improving. He said it's healing nicely and continue with antibiotics and elevation. I asked him for something to help me sleep and deal with the pain.
He gave me Lortab.

This is my leg on Wednesday October 23, 2012. It's the beginning of the Zombie Leg!

(I hate blogging! The pictures are so dang hard to post!)

So, after 2 nights using Lortab, and having some seriously amazing dreams, I broke out in a head to toe rash. I guess I'm allergic to Lortab. So, now I itch and have this excruciating pain in my leg. 

Speaking of pain, yikes!  This really hurts!  It's started out as feeling like someone was scraping the flesh off my leg down to the bone.  When I go from lying down to hanging my leg off the bed (preparing to stand up) the scraping feeling hits.  Then I gradually put some weight on my leg, wait a bit longer, finally I can stand up and limp into the bathroom.  After I've been up for awhile it doesn't hurt as bad.  But, I have to get back to lying down and elevating my leg, because it does hurt.

As this has progressed the pain changes.  It sometimes feels like I have a huge branding iron going through my leg.  Other times it's more like a vise squishing my leg from front to back.  Anyway you look at it, it hurts like hell!
(I'm totally justified in using that word too!)

Today is November 3, 2012.  The beginning of week #3.  This is the picture I took this morning while changing the bandages.  It's not pretty.

The top layer of skin is just loose and baggy.  there is  yellow liquid draining from small breaks in the loose skin.  It isn't as red or painful as it was a week ago, but it sure is ugly!  I have one more week before I know if I can even go back to work!  Most people that I've talked to about this say it takes about 6 weeks.  Man, I hope not!
I have a wonderful family and great friends that have been praying for me and visiting to cheer me up.  Thank you to everyone!  I appreciate and love you all!
So, I'll keep everyone updated.  Hopefully the pictures will look better soon!


  1. Sally I'm so sorry you have Zombie leg. That is a long time for someone as awesome and busy as you to be down for. I only know how the drug allergy reaction feels. I told someone once it's what it feels like to be turned into a vampire. :) cause I'm not dramatic at all.

    I hope your leg goes back to normal soon so you can show it off again when the weather gets warmer. Or you know, walk on it pain free even.

  2. Oh my dear friend. I wish I could be there for you! You are in my prayers!!!

  3. Did they ever figure out what actually caused this condition, as my wife now is currently going through the same process as yourself, except that her 'zombie leg' has moved to the back of the lower leg instead of the front, even though it had originated on the front part.